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3/01/2018 6:59 am  #1


Hello Everyone.
I am here to introduce myself.
Life is all about living on your own rules and regulation but when it comes to forum you have to follow the rules of forum because if you dont follow admin will unfollow you. 
Waiting for someone to welcome me.



3/02/2018 12:08 am  #2

Re: hello!!!

​hi welcome to the site i am blackswordshinobi student of Togakure ryu ninjutsu and ninpo it part IGA more branch off i practices all year around with few brake here and there learning all 18 skill set an  apply it to daily life so when i have survive i can

we live in world that free but when freedom  threaten we have act before shit hit the fan  shinobi fight fore freedom but limtasion's of the shadow

3/02/2018 9:31 am  #3

Re: hello!!!

Hello Shizuka. Nice to see a new member, things have been slow.


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